LATEST: Bow Wow was rushed to hospital after a concert in Ohio, Cincinnati on Thursday (06Dec07) when he threw a temper tantrum - and cut himself. The star smashed up his dressing room in a rage and slashed his hand in the process. The 20-year-old went on stage straight afterwards and lost large quantities of blood during the performance. Initially it was reported the hip hop star was taken to hospital suffering from stress and exhaustion. Subsequently, his spokesman issued a statement telling fans the rapper had been diagnosed with an appendix infection. In a bid to end the confusion, Bow Wow has confessed the real reason for his emergency appointment with doctors stemmed from his lack of self-control. He tells, "I hit something and cut my hand. It would not stop bleeding. I lost a lot of blood, went onstage, put out a lot of energy, came off, got light-headed. I fainted, went to the hospital, threw up. "That's what it is. That's the real reason. It's not because I'm beefing with anybody on the tour, that's not the case. It's not because of exhaustion, either. That's B.S." However, Bow Wow insists a statement from his representatives about his appendix is true. He says, "They (the doctors) told me my white blood cells were higher than what they're supposed to be. They were looking at my appendix. I've always had stomach issues. I've always had stomach problems. But like I said, we're gonna see if it's that serious that I have to take that surgery. If that's what I gotta do, that's what I gotta do. The appendix is a life-threatening thing."