Teenage rapper Bow Wow has come clean about his romance with R+B sensation Ciara in sensational fashion - by gushing about her in an MTV NEWS interview.

The rapper, 18, admits he's sick of hiding the truth about the romance and feels fans should respect the fact he's old enough now to have a serious girlfriend.

And he makes sure everyone knows his feelings for Ciara in new video LIKE YOU, which features his 19-year-old girlfriend.

He says, "It's funny, working with her, because I've known her for so long. It's funny and it's weird to look at her as an artist.

"I respect her a lot. She knows I ride or die for her. I respect everything that girl does, and she respects everything I do... She's holding it down. I love the girl to death. She's a sweet girl."

Bow Wow admits the romance has been a long time coming - the couple first met two years ago.

He adds, "She was actually an extra in my mini-movie for my tour when I did my UNLEASHED album. We kept in contact ever since and look at her now. She's blown up."

26/07/2005 09:32