Rapper Bow Wow has been left fuming after his song CUFF UR CHICK from his upcoming "dream project" leaked online - a year before the disc's expected release date.
The Like You star is furious at the early unveiling of the track, which features Fabolous and Drake, and has now been forced to rush out a new video to make the most of the unauthorised release.
In a series of angry posts on his Twitter.com page, he writes, "My album not coming out til next year. I was holding on to that record. It was not suppose to drop. That was my dream project. F**k! A (year) early? Why me man? I work too hard man...!
"Guess (I’ll) be shooting this video by next week… Not happy ‘bout it but what can I do now? Power of the net, I mean what’s next huh?"
The song was intended for Bow Wow's next album, Who Is Shad Moss?, which was originally scheduled for 2011.