Rapper Bow Wow has fired back at two music video models who poked fun at his womanising ways and his stature on a radio show.
Dollicia Bryant and Rita G claimed Bow Wow hit on them while he was still dating then-girlfriend Ciara during a recent radio chat, in which they mocked the rapper's height.
But in a new video posted on YouTube.com, Bow Wow hits back at the girls, claiming Bryant was with him "just two days ago" - and he shows the footage to prove it.
He then attacks Rita G, who raised temperatures in Kanye West's Flashing Lights video, stating, "I never even met that broad in my whole life. Nobody knows you... I don't event know you."
And the star - real name Shad Moss - urges the video vixens to stop "dissing" him, likening himself to a chess master.
Bow Wow adds, "You ain't gonna win this game, you can't play chess with Bobby Fischer, baby."
But the young rapper insists he isn't bitter, suggesting the ladies make up for their remarks with sexual favours.
The cheeky hip-hop star poses: "There's only one way we can make up after this... and I'm open!"