A new unlikely rap war has broken out between teenager Bow Wow and his former mentor Jermaine Dupri.

Bow Wow is "hurt" that he was one of the artists "dumped" by the Atlanta, Georgia, hip-hop mogul when Dupri moved to ARISTA RECORDS at the end of last year (02).

The young rap star is still confused as to why his former "big brother" didn't tell him of his plans.

Bow Wow says, "Jermaine was my producer. He wrote all my lyrics. He was a father figure, a big brother I never had. I would go months spending the night at his studio.

"I was heartbroken at first because nobody told me what was going on. I felt that there could've been a way that we could've resolved it so that all of us could've still been close.

"Me and Jermaine don't even talk anymore. I always thought that friends and family come first between work, money, business, interviews, photo shoots and everything. I guess he saw it a different way."

12/08/2003 09:08