Bow Wow's album NEW JACK CITY II will be his final musical outing - the rapper has announced plans to hang up his microphone for good.
The star - real name Shad Gregory Moss - launched a career in hip-hop at the tender age of 13, when he released his debut album Beware of Dog in 2000.
He has since recorded a further six solo CDs as well as Face Off, a collaborative album with R&B singer Omarion.
And he has now decided to end his stint as a recording artist, insisting there is nothing left for him to achieve as a musician.
He explains, "This is my last album because for me, there's no more that needs to be done on the music side, I've done everything.
"And the scary thing is I'm 22 years old and I'm young. I'm still a baby, so it's kinda like on the music side, I've been doing it since five. That's 17 years of non-stop music, music, music. There's nothing more to accomplish that I haven't seen yet.
"I feel like now it's time to endure a new challenge... Close the chapter on the Bow Wow legacy... As far as albums, I'm good. Seven albums at 22, that's crazy."
Moss will now concentrate on furthering his acting career - he is set to appear alongside Forest Whitaker and Taraji P. Henson in the basketball drama Hurricane Season later this year (09).