Rapper Bow Wow and R+B star Omarion have patched up their friendship after agreeing to record a double album together. The two pals split last year (06) after a professional dispute but are now on good terms again, and they're starting work on a joint album project. Bow Wow tells Billboard.com he and Omarion expect to hit the studio before the end of the month (May07). He says, "Me and O have been trying to put this together for so many years, and now we've got the opportunity to do it... Me and him are coming up with ideas daily, so the process is gonna go real smooth. We're anxious to get in the studio together and make this whole thing happen. "It's gonna be a special event. It's gonna be crazy, something the people have been waiting on. "He's (Omarion) one of my best friends, so any time you get a chance to work with somebody you're best friends with, it's not even gonna be like work. It's gonna be like working with family."