Jamaican reggae star Bounty Killer is being investigated by British police, after allegations he has incited violence against gay people during visits to country.

London police say they have received a number of complaints against the singer - most famed for his 1996 album MY XPERIENCE - including accusations he has incited homophobic violence and murder.

Detective Chief Inspector CLIVE DRISCOLL of the RACIAL AND VIOLENT CRIME TASK FORCE said he was examining lyrics from the singer's tracks: MR WANNA BE, THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK, ANOTHER LEVEL and NEXT MILLENNIUM.

British gay rights group OUTRAGE! have called for a Bounty Killer - real name RODNEY BASIL PRICE - concert in London planned for Saturday (6DEC03) to be cancelled, saying, "In a democratic society people have a right to criticise homosexuality, but they do not have a right to encourage queer-bashing,"

04/12/2003 17:33