Boston rocker Tom Scholz's defamation lawsuit against a Massachusetts publication has been thrown out by a U.S. judge.

Scholz alleged columnists at the Boston Herald newspaper insinuated he was partly responsible for his late bandmate Brad Delp's suicide in 2007 after journalists cited an interview with the tragic star's widow Micki as evidence her husband took his own life when the 66 year old fired his close friend Fran Cosmo from the touring line-up.

The star denied playing a role in Delp's death and claimed editors harmed his reputation with the story, but on Wednesday (27Mar13) Superior Court Judge ­Frances A. MCIntyre ruled against the More Than a Feeling hitmaker, determining there was no way to evaluate the accuracy of their article.

A statement detailing the decision reads, "Despite the amassing of powerful evidence of Delp's mental state, the plaintiffs cannot prove or disprove the actual cause of his suicide. That secret went to the grave with him. Any views on the subject would necessarily be opinions."

Scholz is now considering filing an appeal - his attorney, Nicholas Carter, tells the Boston Globe, "Mr. Scholz respectfully disagrees with the trial court's decision and analysis. He has just ­received the decision and will ­decide shortly about an appeal."