Boston frontman TOM SCHOLZ has blasted U.S. presidential hopeful MIKE HUCKABEE for playing his rock classic MORE THAN A FEELING on the campaign trail. The rocker admits he was initially flattered when the Republican started performing the hit at rallies, but now Boston fans think the group is endorsing Huckabee's bid to become the next president. Scholz, who is actually a fervent supporter of Democrat Barack Obama, has written an open letter to Governor Huckabee, asking him to stop playing the song. He writes, "Your campaign's use of my song More Than A Feeling and my band's name has resulted in a great deal of false information, which it now appears may exist permanently on the internet. "I'm shocked that you would use it and the name Boston to promote yourself without my consent. "While this may seem like a little thing to you, Boston has been my life's work. I hold the trademark to the name and my reputation is inexorably tied to it. "By using my song, and my band's name Boston, you have taken something of mine and used it to promote ideas to which I am opposed. In other words, I think I've been ripped off, dude! "As the 'straight talk candidate', I hope you will help undo the damage still being caused by this misleading use of Boston and More Than A Feeling." Scholz insists the Boston links to Huckabee have been multiplied by the appearance of former bandmate Barry Goudreaux alongside the politician on the campaign. The rocker adds, "Boston has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of almost everything Boston stands for."