Wrinkly rockers Boston are suing their record company for not promoting and marketing their new album poorly.

The group, whose eponymous 1976 debut is the 11th biggest selling album ever, felt their comeback release, CORPORATE AMERICA, flopped because music executives at ARTEMIS RECORDS failed to advertise it properly.

Boston's founding member and guitarist TOM SCHOLZ has filed a suit in New York claiming that Artemis Records' bosses failed to throw enough weight behind the album.

Scholz states he signed with Artemis after executives assured him that promoting and marketing Corporate America would be their highest priority and the attention they would give the album would be unmatched by other labels.

After signing with the label, however, Scholz says the company fired key staff members that were necessary in fulfilling the band's obligations.

As a result, Boston claims to have suffered damages of at least $4 million (GBP2.5 million).

26/06/2003 21:07