London's eccentric Mayor Boris Johnson has sparked a last-minute campaign to land rocker Keith Richards a knighthood in the Queen's New Year Honours List.
In a letter published by Britain's Daily Telegraph, the journalist-turned-politician admits he's upset Mick Jagger has been knighted and not his Rolling Stones sidekick.
Johnson writes, "It is a continuing scandal that Keef (sic) Richards has not been made, at the very least, a knight bachelor, and the outrage became clear to me this Christmas when... I was given a copy of Keef's super-selling autobiography... By the end of my researches I felt the full weight of the injustice.
"I cannot think of another member of the British artistic, cultural or media world who has done so much or who has so widely penetrated the global consciousness... Arise Sir Keef, I say, and if there were any damn merit in it, he would have the Order of Merit, too."
The Queen will announce her annual Honours List at the end of the week (31Dec10-01Jan11).