This year (16) the British capital is hosting a series of events marking the 40th anniversary of the emergence of the anti-establishment cultural movement titled Punk.London.

The festival, which includes exhibitions at the British Library, gigs and screenings exploring the history of punk, received the backing of then-London mayor Boris Johnson before it launched in January.

However John, 60, who rose to fame as Johnny Rotten, the foul mouthed frontman of the Sex Pistols, believes the festival's official backing misrepresents the spirit of his and his contemporaries' music.

“Apparently, it’s something to do with Boris Johnson, which is deeply hilarious," he tells Britain's Bath Life magazine. "I think it’s a sideshow.

"It’s merely part and parcel of that cottage industry trying to misrepresent things for their own vested interest. None of these people even bothered speaking to me, and now I’m asked to comment on what is truly a fiasco.”

In the interview he also laughed at a decision by British government officials to give a listed status to the London residence which once housed a music studio where the Sex Pistols recorded and scrawled graffiti.

“Well, it’s (their old studio) two rooms, one without windows, and no indoor toilet. How sensationally listed should that place be? Slightly ludicrous really," he said.

John's latest comments are not the first time he's criticised events scheduled as part of Punk.London.

Last month (May16) he spoke out against the son of former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm MCLaren's son Joe Corre's plans to burn $7.2 million (£5 million) of punk memorabilia.

Joe, the co-founder of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, is planning to set fire to the valuable keepsakes in November (16) as part of the festival.

“If you’re going to destroy £5 million worth of anything, isn’t it better to sell it and give the money to charity? You selfish f**king lingerie expert. Why don’t you burn your own bra?” John fumed to British newspaper The Metro.