U2 frontman Bono is in talks to bring the Scissor Sisters on board to support him on his band's upcoming tour.

The LAURA stars were recently surprised with a visit from the Irish rocker when he showed up backstage before their show at New York's PS.1.

Scissor Sister ANA MATRONIC, who posed for a picture with the star, says, "I first checked to see if his feet touched the ground, and they did. But he came up and said, 'I've come to kiss the ring,' and I just thought, 'I should be kissing your ring, man!'"

They're now hoping to open for U2 on the road next year (05).

Lead singer Jake Shears adds, "Bono gave a toast to the band after the show. We also went to the bathroom together. Not side by side or anything, but we walked there together."

31/08/2004 02:23