POPE JOHN PAUL II once wore a pair of U2 frontman Bono's trademark sunglasses during a meeting between the two men.

The Irish singer was granted an audience with the late pontiff to mark his campaign against third world debt - and he found the religious leader had a "wicked" sense of humour.

Bono remembers, "I took (his blue 'Fly' shades) off in case I was causing some offence. When I was introduced to him he was still staring at them.

"I offered them to him as a gift in return for the rosary he had just given me. Not only did he put them on, he smiled the wickedest grin you could ever imagine.

"Flashbulbs popped, and I thought: 'Wow! The Drop the Debt campaign will have the Pope in my glasses on the front page of every newspaper…' (but) it seems his courtiers did not have the same sense of humour."

31/05/2005 13:57