Bono, Michael Stipe and Chris Martin have teamed up to appear in a startling new advertising campaign for British charity Oxfam.

The rockers, who are joined by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and Jamelia, will be seen in a series of posters promoting Oxfam's MAKE TRADE FAIR drive to combat globalisation.

Coldplay frontman Martin appears in the midst of a mountain of rice, Yorke is photographed coated in blood, while pop beauty Jamelia is pictured naked, with only feathers hiding her genitalia.

A source says, "Bono, Chris and Michael are all staunch supporters of the campaign and have done wonders in raising its profile.

"The only sticking point with Thom was that he's an avid vegetarian and didn't want to have real blood poured over him.

"We had to concoct a realistic-looking blood replacement using chocolate. The result is still very powerful."

28/10/2004 14:10