Bono's son Elijah Hewson admitted that his father's connections ''opened doors'' for his band Inhaler.

The 19-year-old musician happily accepts that his dad's illustrious four-decade spanning career with U2 has allowed him more opportunities in the music industry, but he insists he feels ''pressure'' to succeed on his own as ''those doors will shut just as fast as they open'' if your songs are no good.

In an interview with NME, he said: ''For me and for us as a band, we've known that there's going to be doors open. There's no doubt about it, but those doors will shut just as fast as they open if we're not good. It's the pressure to step up our game and not be s***e.''

The 'My Honest Face' singer went on to reveal that although he takes advice from his legendary frontman dad, Bono's opinion ''doesn't take more weight than anyone else's'' and insisted he doesn't ''think about it too much''.

Elijah said: ''I'll play him a tune and he'll go, 'You know what I think that has something', or he'll go, 'That's terrible.' That's really handy to have.

''He's part of a four-piece too - his opinion doesn't take more weight than anyone else's. Friends and family help you along the way, but we don't think about it too much.''

It seems the 'Beautiful Day' hitmaker is definitely helping out his son as last month it was revealed that Bono had managed to get Elijah and his bandmates a slot opening for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds on their tour this summer and the former Oasis guitarist was clearly impressed by Inhaler, who he has described as sounding like ''early U2''.

He previously said: ''His son's got something. Eli has been getting it together for a few years and has gone through the stages most young people do. He started off a bit like The Clash, a bit angry.

''They're good. They're going to do some gigs with me in the summer. They're a bit like [Echo and the] Bunnymen and early U2.''