U2 star Bono has started his own 'school of rock' to teach new bands how to handle success.

The veteran likes to take new acts under his wing and offer his advice on coping with fame, fortune and life in the limelight.

He even has a speech prepared, which he has so far read to the likes of Scissor Sisters, Razorlight, Snow Patrol and The Killers.

Bono explains, "I say some really basic things - like if you go over and you tell Americans they're stupid they're probably not going to come to see you.

"This is the kind of s**t I'm talking about - it's just the ABC.

"Take it on and kill and make murderous pop songs, and burn down awards shows and set fire to your imagination.

"I just tell people that as good as they think it is - the life - it's even better if you don't f**k up."

24/12/2004 03:12