Rocker Bono's foul-mouthed outburst during last year's (03) Golden Globe AWARDS has pushed fines for such on-air offences as high as $3 million (GBP1.7 million).

The U2 frontman caused uproar, as well as moves to introduce new laws to prevent a repeat performance, when he said "f***ing

brilliant!" as he accepted his award in Los Angeles.

America's FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION eventually ruled the Irishman did not violate their indecency rules because he used the word as an adjective.

But on Wednesday (21JAN04), a group of lawmakers introduced legislation to raise fines for such incidents of foul language used on air to as much as $3 million. The current fine is just $27,500 (GBP16,176).

26/01/2004 09:17