Irish rocker Bono has met American President George W Bush to discuss the Aids crisis facing Africa, but had his demands for more US help rejected.

The pair had a summit at the White House in Washington DC, where Bono tried to insist that the superpower increase its financial support - but Bush declined to agree with the U2 singer's requests.

Bono admits, "We had a good old row. What I just can't agree with him on is the numbers."

While Bush has instigated a five-year $15 billion plan to combat the spread of the epidemic in Africa, activists argue that this is simply not enough. Bono, there to push for a $3 billion initial investment, was forced to content himself with the US's original $2 billion offer.

He told waiting journalists after the meeting, "I'm not here peddling a cause. Seven thousand people dying a day is not a cause - it's an emergency."

While "depressed" with his failure to up America's contribution to dealing with AIDS in Africa, Bono believes the world leader is "sincere" in his commitment.

17/09/2003 17:27