Bono has paid British PRIME MINISTER Tony Blair the ultimate compliment - insisting the leader could be a rocker if he had a smaller brain.

The U2 frontman still admires Blair, despite disagreeing with his reasons for leading British troops into the war with Iraq.

He says, "I am still a very big fan of Tony Blair, even though I disagree with the way they went about the war.

"I think he's an honest man and he has great conviction and he understands how to tune a guitar.

"I have checked his guitar. I pulled it out of the case at Downing Street and it was perfect. He's skinny enough to be a rock star but his brain is too big."

And campaigning Bono adds he was amazed that world leaders would take his telephone calls, until former American President Bill Clinton explained why.

Bono says, "It's not because it's me, it's because I represent a large constituent of people who are interested in the problem of AIDS in Africa or fair trade in Africa.

"Remember, people from 18 to 30 generally haven't decided which way they are going to vote. That is our audience.

"Bill Clinton told me these leaders are very interested in people who go to our shows because they are the swing vote."

07/10/2003 13:24