U2 rocker Bono fears when he finally meets ST PETER at the gates of Heaven, he'll be accused of doing charity work in Africa to promote his latest releases.

The Irish singer and Third World campaigner was raised by a Protestant mother and Roman Catholic father in Dublin, but is anxious his devoted campaigns for AIDS and African famine victims will be regarded as self-serving by other Christians.

He says, "When I finally go to heaven and meet the big man St Peter, he probably won't appreciate my Third World work. He'll ask me 'was this for you, or your latest album?'"

Bono made the revelations in a candid interview with Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair's former press chief ALASTAIR CAMPBELL for TV show ALASTAIR CAMPBELL INTERVIEWS BONO on Britain's CHANNEL FIVE station last night (27OCT04).

28/10/2004 02:47