U2 star Bono has denied reports his rock group will headline a Live Aid 2 event, because the concert would not raise enough money to help struggling nations.

Reports of a second Live Aid have been in circulation ever since the original 1985 megashow, and the latest rumours have taken flight following new claims in the British press.

But Bono has poured scorn on the reports, insisting a second Live Aid would fail to serve a purpose.

He says, "We would love to be talking about Live Aid 2, but the sums of money we are dealing with are in the billions of euros, not the millions. It would help, but not fix the problem."

The original Live Aid concerts in London and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised an estimated $100 million (GBP55.5 million) to fight hunger in Ethiopia.

Bono was meeting with European leaders in Dublin today (01JUN04) to discuss the plight of struggling African countries and the need for support.

01/06/2004 21:12