Irish rocker Bono insists celebrities are meaningless when compared to the tireless efforts of doctors and nurses.

The U2 singer was so touched by the generosity of the IRISH HOSPICE FOUNDATION - who offered to look after his late father BOB HEWSON while he struggled with cancer - that he has compiled a new book and CD of kid's classic PETER AND THE WOLF to raise money for the organisation.

He says, "I'm very aware of what nurses and doctors do and as transcendent as I think a U2 show is, it's not a life and death experience. This is what up-ends the whole idea of celebrity.

"You live in that world where you have to deal with celebrities and there's some fun and interesting characters but in the end, they're not heroes and we're not heroes.

"The heroes are doctors and nurses and mothers and people who deal with life and death issues.

"They're not paid enough and they work so hard, they're the best people that we have."

07/10/2003 13:24