U2 frontman Bono would turn down the World Bank role he has been short-listed for, because he wants to stay separate from the establishment.

The VERTIGO singer's tireless campaigning to stamp out third world debt inspired US Treasury Secretary John Snow to seriously consider Bono's nomination as president of the financial institution - but the 44-year-old wants to keep his distance from what he sees as the establishment.

JAMIE DRUMMOND, head of DEBT, AIDS, TRADE, AFRICA (DATA), the lobby group co-founded by Bono gives campaigners for his nomination a reality check.

He says, "I can't believe I need to say this, but there are no circumstances in which Bono would be nominated or accept the World Bank job.

"Bono is flattered to be mentioned for such an important job but DATA does its best work from the outside."

11/03/2005 19:23