LATEST: U2 star Bono will reprise his famous Band Aid line in the 20th anniversary version of the charity single.

Producers reportedly considered letting The Darkness frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS sing "Well, tonight thank God it's them instead of you" after he impressed them during yesterday's (14NOV04) recording session in London.

But Bono flew into the capital last night (14NOV04) to re-record the line - and his version will appear on the finished single.

Hawkins claimed Bono's management "kicked up a stink" after discovering he may be replaced. He said, "I did it and I did it better than him.

"So his management kicked up a stink and it obviously means a lot to him."

But Irish Bono insists he "really, really loathed" singing the line on the 1984 version and had to be persuaded to re-record it.

Speaking last night, Bono said, "I hated singing it in the first place. I really didn't want to sing it again.

"I did an impersonation of Bruce Springsteen."

15/11/2004 17:21