U2 star Bono never plays down the worth of Grammy Awards and similar accolades - because they're what justify his jet-set lifestyle.

The Irish group claimed the biggest haul at last night's (08FEB06) prize giving in Los Angeles - with five honours - and Bono insists he and his bandmates never take the honours for granted.

Speaking before the show, he explained, "We need this so badly. Our band, we're fighting for it every time we walk out on the stage.

"We're not expecting to win this year - because we won three last year for the same album - but, I'll tell you, if we do, it'll mean more to us than ever because you've gotta prove it all over again and again.

"You've always got to get out of bed in the morning thinking, 'Why do I deserve to live like this; I'm a rock star, there's a car waiting - I'm not even driving the car; there's something wrong. Better not be crap.'

"That's really it... Make great, extraordinary music - and then it's OK."