U2 frontman Bono believes his ever-strengthening voice is a "gift" from his late father.

The VERTIGO singer has amazed other musicians with the increased resonance of his singing, which he attributes to the 2001 death of his dad BOB HEWSON of cancer.

Bono says, "I seem to have found this other voice. And I've had problems with my voice these last few years.

"It would come to me in concert, in the 80s. I had a very big voice but I didn't know how to use it really and I didn't have the sensitivity. I was sort of shouting. I learnt to whisper towards the end of the 80s and 90s and now I feel like I've got my voice back with my big notes, and now I know what to do with it.

"I wondered where I got this voice, and people around me, who I care about, asked me.

"(Producer) DANIEL LANOIS said, 'Where d'you get the voice from?' And Jimmy Iovine from INTERSCOPE said the same thing.

"And the only thing I could think of, I like to think that when somebody you love leaves you and passes away, they give you a gift and not just in the will."

17/12/2004 17:34