U2 frontman Bono has another reason he constantly wears sunglasses - because it forms a barrier between himself and his audience. The DESIRE hitmaker, 45, claims his eyes are sensitive to light and swell up if his glasses are removed, but he also likes to preserve some distance from his fans. Bono explains, "There's many reasons for the glasses, posing I'm sure right up there, privacy, and other more medical. "I do like having one step of a remove, actually. I don't think when I'm singing I hold anything back and I don't think when I'm writing I hold anything back. But I think I'm allowed to hold something back in this kind of a set-up. "As honest a man as you are and as honest as I'm trying to be, there is a natural insincerity in the set-up and I'm trying to be much better at it. But just one step removed."