Irish singer Bono has become so politically active that his band U2 were once afraid he would ruin them.

The ELEVATION hitmaker, who teamed up with SIR Bob Geldof to organise the Live 8 concerts and is renowned for his outspoken views on poverty and Third World debt, claims his band members worried his antics would bore their audience.

In reality however, his crusading time away from the recording studio has proved a blessing in disguise.

He says, "I think they like it when I'm not in the studio annoying them. I think I try to make the molecules in the room vibrate too fast for them.

"They're craftsmen. I'm not about craft - I'm crafty. I pull rabbits out of hats.

"But yeah, they were concerned I would destroy the band. Not the band relationships, more that our audience would tire of me.

"It was a concern. But our audience feels they have a voice themselves through my big mouth.

"The tension isn't what it was."