U2 star Bono has addressed his big 2014 glaucoma reveal, confessing his bandmates were shocked by his decision to open up about his sight issues.

In a candid wrap up of the year, posted on the band's website, the Elevation singer, who is recovering from injuries he sustained in a bicycle fall in New York in October (14), Bono admits he went public with his condition after a blinding encounter with the paparazzi.

He explains, "I remember the agony of flashbulb staying permanently in my vision for the rest of the day after I'd been photographed. I had many eye checks over the years but one of the sly things about this 'silent thief' is that you can have 20/20 vision straight ahead for some years even after your peripheral vision goes."

He adds, "It certainly surprised the band that I'd gone public, but maybe it is time to be honest about such things."

In his look back at 2014, Bono also talked about his bike accident, which he fears has robbed him of the ability to play the guitar ever again.