Campaigning rocker Bono is planning a showdown with French President JACQUES CHIRAC, because the leader's agricultural policies are affecting his battle for fair trade in Africa.

The U2 frontman is thrilled by the $5 billion (GBP2.8 billion) aid package he secured by lobbying politicians at the G8 summit in July (05), but is now keen to ensure Africans are given the chance to trade in the international market and be fairly rewarded for their produce.

And he blames outdated policies protecting a few independent farmers, at the expense of the developing world.

The ELEVATION hitmaker says, "We've made progress on debt and aid and that must be celebrated. Trade will be an epic long-term battle.

"France is one of the biggest problems in reaching a trade deal.

"People are worried that dismantling the common agricultural policy (CAP) in Europe will really affect small French farmers. We don't think it should.

"The giant corporate farmers in America and Europe are receiving most of the subsidies.

"These subsidies are cruel to a farmer in the developing world who is trying to compete."