U2 frontman Bono marked World Aids Day yesterday (01DEC05) by appealing for western countries to send more drugs to Africa because the right medication can take a man from death's door to work in just 40 days.

The Irish rocker and humanitarian reveals he has been enthused by "miracles" he's seen in Africa, when drugs that Americans and Europeans take for granted literally save lives.

He appeared on MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE and urged young Americans to lobby for more drugs to be sent to Africa, explaining, "There was one fella I met, LAWRENCE was his name, a beautiful looking guy - a much better rocker than me and he was at death's door.

"(He was down to) half his body weight, (he had) scars from scratching from this awful disease. They gave him these drugs and literally 40 days later he was back at work.

"They call it the Lazarus effect. I just think the opportunity for us to be able to do that for people - it's not gonna cost us that much - it changes our lives, it's not just them. It connects us to the wider world."