U2 frontman Bono loves impersonating OZZY OSBOURNE - because it gives him a chance to swear at his own children.

The VERTIGO singer's daughters JORDAN, 15, and Eve, 13, make fun of their rockstar father when he is tired, because he starts to employ Osbourne's trademark shuffle.

But Bono doesn't mind being teased, as it means he can respond in the same way the BLACK SABBATH star would - by swearing at them.

He says, "It's very Osbourne in our house.

"The girls, if I'm very tired, if I had a very late night, they see me shuffling.

"They say, 'You're shuffling like Ozzy.' And I say (impersonating Osbourne) 'F**k off! F**k off!'

"I don't swear at my children in my own voice, only in Ozzy's. That's what great about Ozzy, I get to swear at my children in his voice."

09/06/2005 17:46