U2 frontman Bono has promised not to swear at Sunday's (25JAN04) GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS, after his foul mouthed outburst went out on live TV at last year's (03) ceremony.

The WAR singer caused uproar, as well as moves to introduce new laws to prevent a repeat performance, when he said "f***ing brilliant!" as he accepted his award in Los Angeles.

However, the repentant rocker has given his word he will watch his language if he is lucky enough to win again this time.

He says, "I swear I won't swear. You can always cause a stir with an expletive and it's not something that I'm conscious of. If you use them in your everyday speech, sometimes they will come out. I don't mean to offend anyone."

Bono is nominated with Gavin Friday and MAURICE SEEZER for best original song for TIME ENOUGH FOR TEARS, which features in Jim Sheridan's movie IN AMERICA.

23/01/2004 17:38