Campaigning rocker Bono was shocked to discover US President George W Bush has a sense of humour instead of being another boring politician. The U2 frontman has met the American premier to discuss environmental and poverty issues several times over the years. Bono admits he felt so comfortable upon his first meeting with Bush, he criticised the president's clothes. He says, "I liked him a lot more than I thought I would. All I'm thinking when I'm meeting him is how I'm going to explain to the band. He's very funny and that took me aback. "I thought he looked rather enviously at my glasses. So I slagged him off about his dress sense. "But I rode in one of those ridiculously long motorcades once and he was waving to the people on the street and I said to him, 'You're pretty popular around here aren't you then, Mr President?' He said, 'Wasn't always so, when I first came to this town, people used to wave at me with one finger.' So, he's funny. "We've had disagreements too. I get agitated when the money isn't coming fast enough. Occasionally he'll tell me to turn it down. 'I'm the President, let me finish my sentence.'"