Bono, Sting and Nick Cave are among the stars who have reworked classic pirate tunes and sea chanteys for a new album inspired by Johnny Depp's Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. The big names join Bryan Ferry, Jarvis Cocker, Andrea Corr, Rufus Wainwright and CHICAGO star John C Reilly on upcoming double album ROGUES GALLERY: PIRATE BALLADS, SEA SONGS + CHANTEYS (corr). The 43-song album was the brainchild of Pirates of The Carribean director Gore Verbinski. He says, "I slowly became fascinated by the idea of a contemporary reinterpretation of the sea chantey. "I imagined the artists that I listen to and respect doing their take on this age-old music." Highlights of the album include Reilly's rendition of MY SON JOHN, FIRE DOWN BELOW by Cave and STING's version of sea song BLOOD RED ROSES.