Bono is furious at the fuss surrounding comments he made about an anti-apartheid song, insisting the furore has been "stirred up".
The U2 frontman gave an interview in which he is said to have commented on a track containing the lyric "Shoot the Boer" - a term which translates as "farmer" and originally referred to Dutch settlers in South Africa, but is now considered a derogatory term for white citizens in the region.
Bono allegedly compared it to tunes sung in Ireland relating to the IRA, insisting such songs need to be placed in context, but he was slammed for his comments by lobby group AfriForum, which is locked in a battle with the leader of the African National Congress' youth league, Julius Malema, over the track.
Bono has now spoken out about the furore his remarks prompted, branding the controversy "barking mad" and claiming his comments have been spun up.
He tells Talk Radio 702, "It's kind of a bit mad to be honest with you. We're famous for songs of non-violence. That anyone should think we were pro-this, it's barking, barking mad and I think it's been stirred up."