Rocker Bono has failed to win over lawmakers in US state North Dakota, after a resolution to honour the star for his work fighting poverty and disease in the Third World was voted down. A bid to recognise the U2 frontman's battle to fight debt was put forward by Representative SCOT KELCH, who believed it was a disgrace the state had not previously honoured the singer. Kelch was inspired to table the resolution by a magazine article which mentioned no state had, at the time, approved a measure to laud the singer for his good works. He says, "This is something that does matter to us as citizens of North Dakota, the United States, and the world at large." But the motion was defeated 50-35, with some members of the House confused by the proposal - thanks to the Bono name. Republican Representative GIL HERBEL admits he initially though the resolution referred to the late Sonny Bono, singer and fellow Republican congressman. He explains, "When I saw the resolution, I was looking for Cher's name in there."