U2 frontman Bono is still madly in love with his wife of 23 years - and insists the secret behind a happy marriage is maintaining a distance from your partner.

The VERTIGO singer never believed he was cut out for married life, but meeting his future spouse ALI changed his life.

And he claims the magic is still there because there is an element of mystery about their partnership.

He says, "I was not the kind of person any of my friends would say, 'He's the marrying kind.' But I met the most extraordinary woman and I couldn't let her go.

"I have somebody in my life, after a long time (who) I still feel I don't know.

"We have a sort of creative distance between us, that Ali manages.

"Relationships need management. And of course, respect and love. I'm still in love."

10/06/2005 14:00