U2 rocker Bono has praised British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Treasury chief Gordon Brown for negotiating a new debt deal for the developing world - but now wants them to focus on fair trade.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Brown negotiated a long-term deal which will result in GBP30 billion worth of debt being dropped for many of the world's poorest countries.

Although thrilled, Bono wants the British Government to continue the fight, with just a week to go before the G8 group of world leaders meet in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Bono says, "I think Tony Blair has done a lot already. And the debt deal that Gordon Brown brokered is really astonishing.

"It's not all done but it's an amazing step. I think we can get the real deal on trade. Trade injustice is actually probably Africa's biggest problem and in the end they want fairer trade more than they want aid. But they want aid to get going.

"I always say, 'Don't think of it as aid, think of it as an investment.'"

29/06/2005 05:55