U2 frontman Bono has praised the British government for pledging GBP1.5 billion over the next three years to combat HIV/AIDS in third-world countries.

The JOSHUA TREE singer - real name PAUL HEWSON - is a leading campaigner on development issues and confessed on Tuesday (12JUL04) he couldn't avoid applauding British Treasury chief Gordon Brown for announcing the "extraordinary" funding boosts on Monday (12JUL04).

Bono exclaims, "What happened yesterday was hundreds of thousands of people with AIDS who were not going to have access to antiretroviral treatment and therefore were going to die, after yesterday are going to live.

"I find myself in a very unusual position, which is having to praise politicians. We are always beating (Prime Minister) TONY (BLAIR) and Gordon up for not doing enough, but today we have to say this is extraordinary."

15/07/2004 14:09