Grieving U2 frontman Bono has paid tribute to his "friend" Johnny Cash, following the country legend's passing early this morning (12SEP03).

The 71-year-old A BOY NAMED SUE star, who died of respiratory failure in hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, after a long battle with illness, recorded with the Irish band on their hit album ZOOROPA, and he remained pals with Bono until his death.

And the charismatic SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY star remembers with fondness the occasion Cash gave his famous "fan" a tour of his home.

He says, "I considered myself a friend, he considered me a fan - he indulged me.

"He showed me around his house, his ranch, his zoo - seriously, he had a zoo in Nashville - his faith, his musicianship, it was a lot to take in.

"He was more than wise. In a garden full of weeds - the oak tree."

12/09/2003 19:27