U2 frontman Bono is too rich to feel threatened by the damage file-sharers are inflicting on the music industry.

The charismatic VERTIGO star's band have been shifting millions of records across the world for over 20 years now and are all millionaires as a result.

However, Bono is delighted the internet didn't exist when they launched to prominence, and sympathises with up-and-coming bands desperate for a breakthrough.

And he resents the conniving business men and women who are making money from the illegal trade.

He says, "People sharing our music, personally I have no problem with. It's when they're doing it as a business, I have a real problem with that. But at the end, I'm a big rock star. I can live it one way or the other.

"But for somebody who's in a small punk-rock group, that's the difference between renting or buying (a house)."

23/12/2004 09:42