U2 frontman Bono is "mystified" by Canadian Prime Minister PAUL MARTIN's failure to live up to his foreign aid commitments, particularly in the run up to the country's government elections.

The campaigning rocker is baffled by the Canadian government's spending of $2.5 billion (GBP1.3 billion) on foreign aid each year, because the North American nation is the only major industrialised country to be in a surplus position.

Ahead of the Irish band's concert in the Canadian capital Ottawa over the weekend (25-27NOV05), Bono told a press conference, "I'm mystified, actually, by the man. I like him very much, personally.

"I just think that it's a huge opportunity that he's missing out on. This is important to the Canadian people.

"I think the prime minister will find out if he walks away from the opportunity to (boost foreign aid) he will hear about it in the election. I am absolutely sure of that."

Bono is asking the Canadian government to increase their contributions to developing nations to 0.7 per cent of their gross domestic product.