Rock star Bono met US presidential candidate BARACK OBAMA on Tuesday (27FEB07) to discuss foreign assistance to anti-poverty and global health causes. The U2 frontman met with the Illinois senator in his personal office in the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington DC. A spokesman for Obama, BEN LaBOLT, says the two met for about half an hour to discuss the ONE Campaign, a non-profit organisation the Irish singer helped form to combat AIDS and global poverty. LaBolt explains, "Bono was making rounds on (Capitol) Hill to build support for the ONE campaign. "He particularly wanted to meet with Senator Obama since he's a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and has been active on international poverty and global health issues." Bono is reportedly trying to meet with all of the candidates for the US presidency and has already sat down with JOHN MCCAIN, Hilary Clinton, MITT ROMNEY and JOHN EDWARDS.