Rock icon Bono has been likened to civil rights hero DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JNR, by the late campaigner's wife.

Coretta Scott King told an audience in Atlanta, Georgia that the U2 frontman was a shining example of the virtues her husband championed and should be congratulated for his tireless charity work.

Bono was being honoured by the KING CENTER, a foundation set up by Coretta, on Saturday night (17JAN04) for his work in Third World debt relief campaigns and the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Coretta told the audience: "We are fortunate this year to honour Bono for exemplifying many of the qualities that my husband, Martin, indicated were imperative to moving our society into the beloved community of which he so often spoke."

Bono added: "When Dr. King spoke about having a dream, he wasn't just talking about an American dream. It can be an African dream, an Irish dream. That's why I'm excited to be here."

19/01/2004 01:48