Irish rocker Bono has renewed his efforts to keep hold of a Stetson hat 'stolen' by a former stylist, by giving evidence at her appeal in Dublin, Ireland earlier today (17OCT06). LOLA CASHMAN alleges she was given the hat and other memorabilia as presents by the band following their 1987 Joshua Tree tour and tried to sell them at Christie's auction house in 2002. U2 successfully sued last year (05) for the recovery of the trademark hat, a pair of earrings, a sweatshirt and a pair of trousers, claiming Cashman took them without permission. However, after Cashman launched an appeal, Bono was today forced to recount his evidence in Dublin High Court. Although taking care to praise the stylist's talents, the singer insisted she lacked social skills: "She had a very good eye. She had a lot more experience than us. But it was very clear on almost immediate arrival she wasn't a good in dealing with personal relationships, and initially put a lot of people's noses out of place." The court also heard Cashman was responsible for the transport of all wardrobe items. The case continues.