Bono had a ''major fright'' for his life that shaped U2's new album.

The 57-year-old singer confirmed his bandmate The Edge's comments last month that the band's album, 'Songs of Experience' had been delayed after the frontman suffered a ''brush with mortality'' in 2016, and though the 'One' singer - whose multiple fractures in a 2014 bike accident also delayed the record - refused to be drawn on the details, he admitted it shook him up.

He said: ''Edge wasn't fibbing when he said we had to stop and take account of what was going on in the world.

''He just didn't want to mention what was going on in my world.

''I don't want to get too into the details of it, for fear of the melodramatic reality TV kerfuffle. A lot of people have these moments, I've had a few. Not quite at this level.''

Edge added: ''It was serious enough that he genuinely had a major fright. But where that brought him to as a writer was an amazing place.''

But the rocker insists he is now back to good health.

He said: ''I'm way better. I'm on top form. I'm singing like a little girl.''

Though the record was initially expected to reflect the changing political climate, Bono admitted his experiences made it more personal than they planned.

He told Q magazine: ''The personal and political apocalypse came together. But I think, if we're honest, the personal elbowed the political out of the way.''

Instead, the album came together as a series of letters to Bono's family, friends, and fans.

He said: ''It's just one of those moments when nothing else matters. So what do you have to say for yourself? And what do you want to say to the people that you love?''

While Bono may have had a health scare, he isn't slowing down his partying.

Responding to Noel Gallagher - who supported the group on their 'Joshua Tree' tour this summer - and his admission he couldn't keep up with Bono's drinking, the singer said: ''I would never have outed him as a lightweight. I've too much respect for the man. But when I go out... Yes, I do go out.''