Bono has invited Australian Prime Minister John Howard to meet him for a discussion on the nation's aid to developing countries during U2's tour down under. The rock campaigner says the Antipodean nation are not donating enough money to fight global poverty and hopes Howard can find the time to meet him this month (NOV06). Bono said to the Australian media on Monday (06NOV06), "I wanted to talk to your PM about Africa and also the commitment to 0.7 per cent, which is a big thing. "A lot of people in this country have signed on the idea of spending 0.7 per cent of GDP on the world's poor. "I'm not that fussed and if he would like to meet me, if he is serious about 0.7 per cent, then I'm sure we'll find out about it and I would be very pleased to meet him. If he's not serious, I don't want to meet him. "I think the Prime Minister is looking on it and taking it very seriously but again, you Australians have to give him permission to spend your money. I wouldn't dare to tell Australians what to do. I can only (say) what other countries are doing."